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Who makes litz wire?

February 23, 2024

Litz wire is a special type of wire that is braided or braided from multiple individually insulated strands. This unique structure is designed to minimize skin effect and reduce power loss in high frequency applications. The manufacturing of litz wire involves complex processes and expertise and is produced by companies with specific capabilities in wire processing and insulation technology.


Several manufacturers around the world produce litz wire to meet the needs of various industries. These manufacturers are typically companies that specialize in wire and cable production and have the technical expertise and equipment needed to produce Litz wire to precise specifications.


In Chinese litz wire market, Tianjin Ruiyuan makes litz wire and utilizes advanced machinery and proprietary processes to produce Litz wire with specific properties, such as number of strands, individual strand gauge, insulation material, etc. to meet the requirements of different applications like textile yearns, tape, extruded, etc.


The production of litz wire involves precision winding, insulation and braiding techniques to ensure uniformity and performance. So we work closely with customers in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, medical devices, renewable energy and automotive to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each application.


In addition, we conduct research and development to further enhance Litz Wire's capabilities and efficiency to adapt to evolving technologies and industries. For example, we have helped our customers make litz wire with single wire diameter of 0.025mm, which is super thin wire. To use 0.025mm single wire for making litz wire, the most cutting-edge technologies and equipment will be very important for the accomplishment of manufacturing process.