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Where to buy magnet wire?

August 5, 2020

Where to buy magnet wire?


If you want to buy magnet wire, then Ruiyuan company is your good choice.


We have 19 years’ experience of different kinds of copper wire that is used in transformer, electronic device. touch screen etc.


Let me introduce you some of our best-selling products.


0.032mm (AWG 48) magnet wire

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Ultra fine magnet wire is our expertise, the thinnest wire we can make is 0.011mm, don’t be surprised that is only one fifth of human’s hair. We are the unique provider in mass production of such wire, that presents the best manufacturing technique and management in the whole world. That’s why our quality is the same with Elektrisola, but price is really competitive, you will know that if you test it. From the color and the winding, you can see very high level of insulation consistency.. PT-4 spool size, about 4kg net weight in one spool, 4 spools in one carton, fast delivery guaranteed.


TIW wire(Furukawa wire)

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Many people know began to know TIW from Furukawa many years ago, but our quality is even better than theirs, after all technique has been improving many years, and material is also better and better. The wire passed UL system certificate, not every company can get it, especially our level: continuously 5000hours test that is 209 days that means if the wire is broken in the 209days, the test will start again from the 1st day. You can understand how great quality of the product! So almost not company reach our level in the past 5 years.

The size range from 0.1-1.0mm, class B and F available, 3000meters on a spool for most sizes, and 4 spools in one carton.


Samples are all ready for you, looking forward to hearing from you.